Our Values

Here are five values that we hold to as a church.

1. We are Bible-Centred

“Preaching and teaching the Bible faithfully, trusting that the Holy Spirit will use it save the lost and bring believers to increasing maturity and a deeper relationship with Jesus.”

When we meet together on a Sunday, we preach the Bible. Why? We believe that when the Bible is faithfully preached, God’s voice is heard. That makes the Bible not just vital for Christians, but also for every human being. Why not come along and find out more?

2. We love and serve one another

“Being committed to our fellow believers within the local church through loving, encouraging and serving one another in actions and words, thus displaying the reality of Jesus to the outside world.”

Jesus loved and served us at the cross, and continues to love and serve us now in heaven. Because we are now in Christ, we love and serve one another with the love that He has given us. That doesn’t make us perfect or better than anyone else. It does make us thankful and willing to make sacrifices for one another.

3. We reach the lost

“Aiming to make new followers of Jesus in our local community and through our
personal relationships.”

We believe that in Jesus we have found peace with God, certain hope for the future and a real purpose to live for. We want others to know these things for themselves, and we believe they can. Why not contact us or join Christianity Explored to find out more?

4. We pray

“Deepening the spiritual life of the church and individual believers through regular and continual prayer.”

We don’t pretend to have any special powers. But we follow a God who loves us and wants us to ask Him for things. That’s why we pray.

5. We partner with others

“Supporting gospel work throughout the UK and overseas, and partnering with local churches in prayer, support and evangelism.”

We are an independent church, which means that we run and govern ourselves. However, we also recognise that it is not good to be in isolation from others like us. That’s why we are part of FIEC, a national movement of churches who love Jesus and want to make disciples of all nations. We also have mission partners overseas that we support. And closer to home, we support Gospel Yorkshire, an initiative that is seeking to plant new churches in our region.

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