Message from the Pastor

I wonder what you think the church is.  A building, perhaps.  A dated institution.  Maybe you have hired a church for an event.  Or is it just a venue for a wedding, a christening, or a funeral.

Here at Moorside, we believe that the church is the people.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Church is about different kinds of people coming together: young and old, men and women, black and white.  It’s about coming together for one purpose: to worship our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

That might seem a bit weird to you.  Well, that’s ok!  The thing is, we are a group of people who, individually, realise that it’s Jesus who gives us purpose.  It’s Jesus who gives us joy.  It’s Jesus who guarantees our destiny.  We’re ordinary people who have ordinary lives, facing the same challenges, and laughter, and tears, and successes, and failures, as every other human being.  But we also know that what makes us different is, not that we are better than anyone else (we’re not!), but that we have discovered Jesus. His love for us is more than we could ever dream.  He forgives us more than we can measure.  Jesus puts up with our mess-ups more than we could ever expect.

That’s why we come together.  That’s what makes us a church.  Why not come along to one of our meetings and discover this for yourself?  You’re assured of a warm welcome.

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